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Event Check-in Best Practices
Event Check-in Best Practices

We have a few tips to help you with Event Check-in!

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The biggest benefit of using Event Check-in is for you - the Event Host - to collect data on candidate numbers, timings and demographics.

To ensure you receive a complete list, we recommend:

  • displaying the QR code upright/standing vertically rather than laying flat (makes it easier to scan)

  • putting multiple QR codes on display near/around the entrance to your event

  • having someone check that candidates are checking in (we saw some escapees during the trial run)

  • ensuring you have strong wifi at the venue, to ensure a smooth check-in experience for all

To keep entry flow running smoothly, we recommend these advance reminders to candidates:

  • a smart phone is required to check in to the event

  • create a Career Fair Plus account before arriving at the event

If you have any questions, remember you can always reach us at!

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