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Resume Drop Best Practices
Resume Drop Best Practices

First time using Resume Drop? We've got tips to help you make it a success.

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1. Get the word out early to candidates

Since Resume Drop allows pre-event participation, make sure your candidates are aware of it well in advance, so you can maximize all the benefits of candidate-employer and employer-candidate engagement before your event even begins!

2. Ensure candidates have uploaded a resume

To allow recruiters to get optimal use from the Resume Drop feature, encourage candidates to upload a resume, ideally before the event. Without the resume, employers will only see the candidate's CF+ profile. You can check your Candidates Report to see who has not got a resume uploaded.

Remember: recruiters can log in to view resume drops anytime before, during, or after the event.

3. Early employer education essential to elicit engagement

Besides being alliterative, this statement is entirely true too!

Let your employers know what Resume Drop is, how to access their Resume Drop candidates, and how they can benefit from it. They won't invite candidates to meet them if they don't know they can!

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