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This video provides a walkthrough of the fundamentals of myCFP site which you use to manage your career fairs in the app.  

  • Dashboard view - where all your fairs are located with a little bit of data about each one.

  • Click on any tile for access to the fair details page which includes access to the same information from the home page.

  • Demonstrates where Marketing Materials can be found.

  • Demonstrates how to contact us through.

This video demonstrates how to add high level information about your fair to the system.  This allows you to tell users when and where the fair is.  

  • To add high level information about the fair click the blue EDIT FAIR INFO button located at the top right of your screen which takes you to your fair info page.

  • Fair Information that can be added in this screen include: Name, Date, Time Zone, Start and End Time, Description, Location (Building or room specific to your campus), Address (adding a street address allows users to get directions to the fair directly from the app), Estimated Number of Attendees (if entered we can calculate an adoption rate in your analytics view which helps you understand your marketing effectiveness leading up to the fair). 

This video demonstrates how to run your first company import.  It is a bit long however it contains a lot of valuable information. (You may want to watch multiple times or take notes as you go)

  • Example of Company Import data set.  Each company has it’s own row and the data for each company is a column.  Keep in mind that you cannot have duplicate company names in the list.

  • Subject Column is a list of comma separated subjects and that each company’s data is formatted exactly the same with a COMMA SPACE separating each subject. Also note that each subject is spelled exactly the same across each company including capitalization.  This will be important when we want to create FILTERS for subjects.

Company Import :

  • When you are ready to start your company import, go to the Fair Details page and select the EMPLOYERS tab then select IMPORT COMPANY LIST on the right of your screen, then select IMPORT DATA on the left hand side of your screen then UPLOAD FILE then select data set.

  • You will see that the system gives you a set of columns in the data set that you must match each to a FIELD (Name, Description, Website, Majors, Job Title, etc.). Please note that you must either Match or Ignore all columns before you can move on from this step.

  • Now you are ready to customize your display names that each data has by clicking in to each Display Name field and adjusting it to match your data set.  For any column you wish to set a FILTER for, you can also change the FILTER TITLE

  • When you are happy with everything click on FINISH COLUMN MAPPING.

  • You are now at SEARCH & REPLACE, which is an advanced feature, it allows you to clean up data in your data set (it works just like Search & Replace does in a word processor or a spreadsheet.  You have a SEARCH term and a REPLACE term and you can choose if you want it to apply to all columns or a specific one.  If your data is clean you can choose SKIP S&R.

  • You will not need to worry about company matching since this is your first import.  Click FINISH COMPANY MATCHING on the left of your screen.

  • Next the system will create filters based on all the columns that you selected as filterable.  Review them to make sure they all look good.  Click FINISH FILTER SETUP

  • You will not need to worry about booth matching in this import because you don’t have a map with booths set up, so click SAVE CHANGES in red at the right hand of your screen. 

  • You are taken back to the employer list to see all of your employers are imported into the fair

This video demonstrates how to update an existing company list with an import and also gives you pointers on what to watch out for.


 Update Company Import 

  • With your data set ready to go, make sure you are on the Fair Details page and select the EMPLOYERS tab.

  • Click IMPORT COMPANY LIST,  IMPORT DATA then UPLOAD FILE, then select your file with updates.

  • In the example you’ll see the system has detected a new column in the data set.  Map that column to its appropriate FIELD, remember to make sure the name is good.


  • You are now in SEARCH & REPLACE 

This video demonstrates how to set up a map for your fair and make it interactive.

  • Before getting started we need two things: 1) a company data set with booths numbers assigned to each company and 2) a Map Image.  The system can accept map images in a variety of formats including PNG, PDF, & JPEG

  • Start with UPLOADING the company list and  booth assignments.  If you’ve watched the COMPANY IMPORT training videos you’ll notice that all that has been done is the addition of a column titled BOOTH to the spreadsheet and assigned a booth to each company.  Once this is done you can run this import as any other.

  • To import the updated companies, open your FAIR DETAILS screen and go to the EMPLOYERS tab, then click IMPORT COMPANY LIST,  IMPORT DATA then UPLOAD FILE, then select your company list with booths.

  • You’ll see the system has detected the new column so you’ll want to map that to BOOTH NUMBER.  Then click FINISH COLUMN MAPPING.

  • You do want to run your Search & Replace so click APPLY S&R 

  • You should have no new companies, just booths so just click FINISH COMPANY MATCHING.  Also there should be no new filters so click FINISH FILTER SET UP.

  • Now you can see that the system detects that you have booths now however you haven’t done a map yet so it will let you know that you have booth numbers but they are not on the map.


  • When you are back to the Fair Details page click on the MAPS tab and click NEW.  Here you can select to upload your map image from a file or import it directly from a URL if you have a link to the image.  We will select to upload the map from a file.  

  • Once uploaded you will see a preview of the map here.  Please note: If the file you selected is a multi paged PDF you will be asked to select a specific page before being allowed to proceed.  If everything looks correct click CONTINUE.

  • Next you will need to set a name for your map, we’ll use “Floor Plan.”  Make sure the map is marked ACTIVE then click CONTINUE.

  • In the 3rd step you have a chance to edit the map to make sure it looks exactly as you would like in the app.  You can rotate which will turn the image 90 degrees with each click or crop the image.  To CROP grab one of the handles at the side of the image and drag it so the box only surrounds the part of the image you want to keep.  You can click and drag the small circle in the center of the box to move the selected area without resizing it.   Once you have selected your desired area, click DONE and the image will be cropped.  If you make a mistake, don’t worry, just click the reset button and the image will be restored.  Once you have the image edited to your liking click CONTINUE.

  • In this next step you will be prompted to draw a box around the smallest booth in your map.  This is a very important step and helps the system optimize the map for display in the mobile app.  You can use the zoom controls at the top left if you have trouble finding an appropriate booth or seeing your entire map.  If you make a mistake, just draw another box.  Once you have drawn an appropriate box click CONTINUE.

  • The final screen will show how the map will look on the device after being processed by our system.  This is your chance to double check that everything looks good and is legible.  If you’re unhappy in any way you can click PREVIOUS at the bottom right to go back to the previous step or if everything looks good, click FINISH.

  • A dialogue will pop up asking if you want to set up booths now (click YES) or return to the company list (click NO, RETURN TO MAPS LIST), you want to set up booths so click YES and the system will take you to booths set up tool.

  • Use the system to create entries for each booth by entering the first number of your booths (usually 1) in the START # section and the last number in the END # section.  Make sure that Empty Booth List is selected and click Generate.  You will get a list of the booths you have entered (our example shows 1-15).  Once you have your booth list click on FINISH BOOTH LIST to go to STAR PLACEMENT.  Here, anytime you click on the map it will place a star to indicate booth location.  You’ll need to click and place a stars next to each booth.  You can scroll around the map or use the zoom controls to see all the booths.  You can see the number of stars you have placed in the top left.  When you’ve placed all your stars click FINISH STAR PLACEMENT.

  • Now you’re going to associate each star with a booth number.  To the left the list is telling you you need to click on number 1. Click on the star next to booth 1 and you can see that the system has added a location to booth 1 and advanced the indicator to 2.  Continue clicking on the booths as indicated until you have associated all the stars with a booth number.  If you make a mistake you can click an already assigned star to UN-ASSIGN it, you can also click ahead in the list if you need to skip a number.  When you’re done assigning your booths click FINISH BOOTH ASSOCIATIONS.  It will ask you if you want to SAVE all your changes and you say YES.  After a moment it will tell you that you have companies with booth numbers on the map and all your companies have been matched up.  Click OK and the system will take you back to the map list.

  • To double check that everything is mapped click on the EMPLOYERS tab and note that each employer has a booth number and there is a check mark indicating that the system has mapped that employer to a location.  


This video demonstrates how to Purchase and Publish your fair so that it is live in the Career Fair Plus Essentials App.

  • When you’ve loaded all of your data, you can either purchase your fair from the dashboard or from the Fair Details screen.

  • Click the PURCHASE FAIR button which will provide an invoice.  Provide your credit card number, all of your credit card details, confirm you accept the terms of service, and click PAY.

  • Your fair is now published and live in the app.

  • Click GO TO FAIR DETAILS and you can see the status of your fair is changed to Active and there is a blue bar above it.

  • Go back to the HOME screen (click on the hamburger menu button in the top left of your screen).  You’ll see again a blue bar on the top of your fair and the active switch is flipped.

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