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Common Questions from Event Hosts about Managing Schedules
Common Questions from Event Hosts about Managing Schedules

This article will help virtual fair organizers manage employer schedules

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Creating and copying schedules

How do I create a new schedule?
From your event's home page, navigate to the Meetings tab, and click Manage Meetings & Schedules. Then click New+ toward the right of the page and fill in the schedule details! Please check out this help article and accompanying video for a detailed walk-through.

What are the different schedule types?

There are two options for schedule type: 1-on-1 Meetings or a Group Meeting. 1-on-1 meetings are more structured, having one candidate sign up for each time slot. Group Meetings allow for more flexibility, with an unlimited number of candidates allowed to sign up for the meeting. Most other features of the meetings are pretty similar. For more information on the types of schedules please see our article on the topic here.

How do I copy a schedule?

From the Manage Meetings & Schedules page, click the "Schedules" Tab, and then search for the relevant Schedule. Click the copy icon to the far right of the Schedule result as highlighted below:

This will automatically create a new schedule with the same properties, but requiring you to reselect the Employer and provide a new Schedule Name.

Managing Schedules

How do I view all meetings taking place?

From your fair dashboard click on the Reports tab, select "Meetings", and then click "Fetch my Report". This will download a spreadsheet containing all the Meetings for your fair.

How do I see the meetings on a particular schedule?

From your Manage Meetings & Schedules page, search for the Employer, Recruiter, or Schedule Name, and then click the Schedule Name of the schedule you want to view. Then click on Time Slots to view the meetings for that schedule (video).

How do I change the time slots for a schedule?
Once you've navigated to the Schedule you wish to edit, click on the Time Slots tab at the top. Select 'Clear time slots' and then you can edit the schedule's start time, end time as well as the time slot duration in the top bar, before clicking 'Generate Time Slots'. Click here for a video. You may then also block off particular time slots if desired.

Please note: If there are already meetings booked within the schedule, you cannot change or clear the time slots without canceling the existing candidate appointments. If you choose to proceed with canceling them, please note that this cannot be undone.

โ€‹How do I block off times on a schedule so candidates can't make a reservation?
From your Fair Management dashboard, click Manage Meetings and Schedules. Then click on the Schedule Name you'd like to edit, and click the Time Slots tab. From there, you will see the time slots and can choose to block off certain times, by checking the box under the column titled Blocked for that row. You may also add a reason if desired.

โ€‹How do I cancel a candidate's meeting/reservation?
You can do this a few ways. If you would like to cancel multiple meetings for one candidate at once, navigate to the "Candidates" tab, then search for the candidate in question. You can either click on their name or use the trash bin to the right to cancel all their 1-on-1, all their group, or all meetings regardless of type. If you've clicked on their name, you can also view individual meetings and cancel them one at a time.

Another option is to cancel within a specific schedule. From the "schedules" tab, search for the schedule in question, then click on the schedule name to open up further details. Then, click on the "time slots" tab to view individual bookings and cancel as needed.

How do I export the meetings for a schedule to send to an employer?

From the Schedules dashboard, search for the Employer, Recruiter, or Schedule Name, then select the Schedule Name that you wish to export, and then click on Time Slots. Click the blue button titled Export Meetings from the right-hand side of your screen, and the Excel file will be available to download. You can then send it via email to the employer (video). Another option is to use the "Print Schedule" button, also in the top right, to download a PDF version of their schedule.

Can I download a "Resume Book" of the candidates?

Yes, you can! From the Fair Dashboard, click on Manage Meetings & Schedules and open the Candidates tab. From there, click on Export Candidates List to download a file with all the candidate profiles and resume links.

Booking Window

I don't want candidates to book reservations until a certain date. Can I do that?
Yes! The window for candidates to book meetings is set by the event hosts. From Manage Meetings & Schedules, navigate to the "Meeting Configuration Options" to set that. For more information see our separate help article on the topic.

I want candidates to be able to book a reservation during the event. Can I do that?
Yes, you are able to set the booking window beyond the start of the fair. We have heard from some fair hosts and organizers that this can be beneficial, so we do typically recommend to leave it open throughout the fair. This also mimics the live, in-person fair experience where candidates can walk up at any point during the fair. You can see more information on how to edit your booking window in our article on the topic here. *Please note that Group Meetings will not be affected by the Booking Window close time. Candidates will be able to reserve a spot in a Group Meeting during the fair, regardless of the booking window, to facilitate a 'Drop-in' format.

Recruiter Changes

How do I add additional recruiters to a schedule?

Click here for a video walkthrough, or follow the instructions below!

From the Manage Meetings & Schedules page, search for and select the Schedule Name that you wish to edit, and then click Recruiters from the tabbed options at the top. Under the heading Add or Remove Recruiters, simply enter the email address of the recruiter you wish to add, and click Send Invite. You will then be able to assign them as a primary recruiter. Recruiters from the same employer have access to all the schedules for that employer; they can also join any of the video meeting rooms, although the small video meeting rooms can only hold a total of 4 people at a time.

How do I find and copy the invitation link sent to a recruiter to join the platform?

From the Manage Meetings & Schedules page, click the "Recruiters" tab and then search for the recruiter's email address or the employer name to pull up the recruiter you're looking for. If they haven't joined the platform, their name will be listed as (No Name), and you should click on it. Then you can either resend the invitation to them, or if they are not receiving emails from our system, you can select Copy Invitation Link instead, and send it to them directly. This video demonstrates this for you.

If they are the primary recruiter for that employer, you can also download the "Recruiters" Report. This will generate a spreadsheet with a column that includes invitation link for any primary recruiter who has not joined.

How do I assign or change a primary recruiter for a schedule?

From the Manage Meetings & Schedules page, on the "schedules" tab, search for the Employer, Recruiter, or Schedule Name, select the Schedule Name that you wish to edit, and then click Recruiters from the tabbed options at the top. From there, simply use the drop-down menu under Assign a Primary Recruiter to select the recruiter you want to assign for the schedule. If you can't find the recruiter you are looking for in the drop-down options, you can invite them via email in the Add or Remove Recruiters box on the same page. You will then be able to assign them as a primary recruiter.

A recruiter is canceling, how do I delete a schedule?

From the Manage Meetings & Schedules page, click the small trash can icon at the end of the row representing the schedule you wish to delete. A popup will prompt you to confirm the action, as deleting a schedule will cancel all its meetings, and cannot be undone.

You would want to reach out to any candidates that had booked meetings on this schedule to let them know about the cancellation. Here are some email templates you can use.

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