What is the Booking Window?

The booking window refers to the period of time during which candidates can book 1-on-1 Meetings with recruiters, ahead of the fair.

You can control when candidates can book on the schedules, by editing the start and end times of the Booking Window.

Candidates booking on Group Meetings are not restricted by the Booking Window close time, so these can be booked at any time once the window opens.

How do I set up the Booking Window?

You can do this from your Fair Dashboard, by clicking Meetings, then Manage Meetings & Schedules, and clicking the pencil icons next to the Booking Window Opens and Booking Window Closes tabs right at the top (video).

Typically, Fair Organizers choose to open the booking window 1-2 weeks prior to the fair date, as this is when candidates are generally most active before a fair. This will also allow you time to monitor activity on your fair once the window opens and adapt or modify your marketing strategy if needed.

By default, it is set to close an hour before the start of the event.

Our recommendation to Fair Organizers is to set it up such that it remains open during the event. Evidence shows that keeping the window open during the event leads to a 15-20% bump in the number of 1-on-1 Meetings booked.

Bear in mind that this may mean recruiters have less predictable schedules, so it is important to let them know that they should keep an eye on their schedules during the event. In order to communicate this to employers, here is a template you can use!

For additional guidance, please refer to our Timeline Checklist.

If you haven't already, check out this article for a checklist of other virtual fair specific features you should configure: Virtual Fair Specific Options

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