Account and Profile Creation

How do I create my account?

If you are the employer representative that registered for the fair, you will receive an email invitation from Career Fair Plus, inviting you to the platform.

Once the employer representative creates their account, they will be able to invite teammates and colleagues to create an account on the platform, also generating an email invitation from Career Fair Plus.

The link in the email is a single-use link and must be opened in Chrome or Firefox. If your default browser is Edge or Explorer, please copy the link into a recommended browser.

How do I edit my profile details and picture?

You can edit your profile via the web portal by clicking your account name in the top right corner. Don't forget to save any changes once you're done! Check out this video for a quick visual guide.

Schedule Creation

I'm new to this. Can you walk me through 'My Schedules'?

Here is a video explaining everything you see on your schedules page.

How do I create my schedule?

Creating a schedule for yourself couldn't be easier. Click here for a quick video to show you how!

How do I create a schedule for a teammate?

This is very similar to creating a schedule for yourself, the only difference being that you will need to input their email address. Here is a video walkthrough showing you how to create a schedule for a teammate or colleague, and how to invite them to the platform.

Creating a schedule for a new teammate will automatically trigger an invitation email to be sent to them, inviting them to create an account on the platform and access their own and their team's schedules.

How many schedules should I create initially?

When inviting your recruiters and creating schedules for this event, we recommend starting out with between 1 - 3 schedules. This may mean scaling down from the typical number of recruiters that would have attended an in-person fair, but it ensures that your recruiters’ time is used effectively, as candidates book meetings with them. Don’t worry - you will be able to add on extra recruiters once the initial recruiter schedules fill up; it couldn’t be easier!

How do I edit the details or the description of a schedule?

From your schedules page, click on 'View Meetings' on the schedule you wish to edit, then click Manage Schedule, and then click Edit Schedule Details. From there, you can edit the Schedule Name, the Description, the Interaction Type as well as any Additional Instructions.

How do I change the timings and duration of time slots on my schedule?

You can only modify the time-related variables of a schedule when there are no candidate meetings booked on the schedule.

From your schedules page, click on 'View Meetings' on the schedule you wish to edit, then click Manage Schedule, and then click Edit Time Slots. From there, you will be able to select the Schedule Start Time, End Time as well as Time Slot Duration, and then click Apply Changes for the new schedule to generate. Use the sliders on each row to block or unblock timeslots as you wish. Be sure to click Save when you are done (video).

How do I delete a schedule?

Please reach out to your event organizer who has the ability to delete schedules. We recommend adding the word "DELETE" to the front of the schedule name so they know which ones to delete.

Meetings and Time Slots

How do I block off times on my schedule so candidates can't make a reservation?
When viewing your schedule, click Manage Schedule from the top right corner, and then select Edit Time Slots. From there, you will see the time slots and can choose to block off certain times, by moving the slider under the column titled Blocked for that row. Add a reason in the text box, and don't forget to click save (video).

How do I view the resumes/CVs of candidates that have booked meetings on my schedule?

From the Schedules page, click on 'View Meetings' on the schedule you wish to see. You will then see the full schedule, including meetings booked, open time slots and blocked time slots. Simply click on the candidate name to view details of the meeting, including the profile and resume/CV of the candidate (video).

How do I cancel a candidate reservation on a schedule?
You cannot cancel candidate reservations on schedules. If you wish to make certain timeslots unavailable for bookings, you must do it while they are unbooked.

If, for any reason, you really need to cancel a reservation, please reach out to your fair organizer to request this. Please note, that if your fair organizer cancels the reservation, this action cannot be undone.

Joining Meetings

How do I view my reservations and join my meetings on the day of the fair?

This video will walk you through how to join and use your video meeting room on the day of the fair.

Exporting my schedule

How do I download the reservations on my schedule?

From your Schedule page, click on Download Meetings in the top right corner. This will download an Excel file of your meetings along with links to view candidate resumes (video).

How do I export the notes I made in the app while conducting my meetings with candidates?

If you used the app to privately rate or make notes on candidates during the fair, you can download these at the end of the fair, also from within the app.

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