The schedules have been created, the employers invited, and the marketing to candidates has begun. Your fair might be a week or two away, and you're anxious to make sure everything's running as it should... here's what you should be checking!

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Employer Uptake/Activity

Employers and recruiters are invited to our platform when schedules are created. They must come on and create an account for themselves in order to access and modify their schedules, invite teammates to new schedules, and view candidate reservations.

Employers that haven't joined

From the Meetings tab, click on Manage Meetings and Schedules and then navigate to the Employers tab. Here, you can use the filter 'Recruiter hasn't joined' to check in on any employers that have still not joined the platform. You will want to double-check that:

  • an email address has been provided
  • the provided email address is correct, and free from typos

You can then go into the Recruiters tab to resend their invitations individually, for those with email addresses provided. You can also invite new recruiters for any employers that were missing an email address, by selecting the green Invite Recruiter option from the Recruiters tab.

Employers that haven't created schedules

Ideally, you want employers to have created schedules before the scheduling window opens to candidates. If there are no schedules set up, candidates can't book meetings with recruiters. You can check to see which employers haven't created schedules by going into the Meetings tab, clicking Manage Meetings and Schedules, and then going to the Employers tab. From there, you can filter to look for 'Active Employers with No Schedules'. To contact all of the filtered employers, click Email Employers on the top right to get all their email addresses.

Assigned Recruiters who haven't joined

You may want to check in to make sure the Assigned Recruiters have all created their profiles, and send reminders to any that have not. You can do this easily from your Fair Dashboard, by navigating to the Meetings tab, clicking Manage Meetings and Schedules, and then using the Filter List option to select 'Assigned Recruiter Not Joined'. All the schedules for which the Assigned Recruiter has not yet joined the platform will show on the page, and you can simply click Email Assigned Recruiters on the top right to copy their email addresses and send an email reminder. Click here for an email template you can use!

Candidate Uptake/Activity

Even when all the schedules are correctly configured, and the recruiters have joined, a fair would be nothing without the participation of its candidates. Just as would be the case in an in-person fair, candidates are encouraged to go into the app in advance of the fair to view employers, complete research, and book their meetings.

Candidate Statistics

The Analytics tab on your Fair Dashboard provides a range of different statistics about candidate activity on the app, including how many users have been on the app per day, how many companies they are viewing, how many companies they are favoriting, as well as which companies are receiving more candidate attention than others. As you scroll down, you will also be able to see statistics on bookings made by candidates to meet with employers, which is explained in more detail in the next section.

You can also look at the pipeline of candidate retention by comparing the number of unique users in the app (Analytics tab), with the number of candidates that have made profiles in the app (Meetings tab >> Candidates list), and then with the number of unique candidates that have actually booked meetings (bottom section on the Analytics tab).

Candidates without Resumes/CVs

Importantly, you may want to check on the number of candidates that haven't uploaded a resume/CV to their profile. Although having one isn't a requirement for candidates to book meetings with employers, it is highly recommended. You can do this by going to your Manage Meetings & Schedules tab, selecting the Candidates tab, and then using the filter icon to select No Resume/CV. To email all these candidates in one go, simply click Email Candidates from the top right, and copy/paste them into your email client.

Meetings and Schedules

Candidate activity in the lead-up to the fair is of course welcomed but becomes even more important once the scheduling window for your fair opens. This is when candidates are able to start booking meetings on the employers' schedules.

You can get an overview of this by clicking on the Meetings tab, which will show you the current total number of meetings at the fair, as well as a breakdown of "Meetings By Employer" in the table beneath it. This is especially useful in helping you know where to focus your marketing efforts, as well as in advising your employers on the most efficient strategies.

Full Schedules and Empty Schedules

If a popular employer has filled up all of their meeting time slots on a single schedule, you may consider asking them if they wish to add another recruiter, to give more candidates the opportunity to interact with them. In contrast, if an employer has multiple schedules, but very low fill rates, you might suggest they start with a single recruiter or single schedule.

Typically, we see that about 10% of employers have their schedules at 100% capacity, and 10% have 0% filled time slots, but of course, this depends on the number of available time slots at each employer.

Scheduling Window

You may choose to keep the scheduling window open during the event to boost meeting numbers, this may result in a 15-20% bump in appointments. If you do choose to close it before the event starts, just remember that candidates cannot book meetings once the scheduling window closes. Bear this in mind as you make decisions about candidate marketing, and don't forget you can use the push notifications feature to remind candidates about when the scheduling window closes.

If you're interested, the Analytics tab will also show you how many meetings have been booked by day, so you can see which of your marketing strategies are having the greatest impact.

In case you missed it, here's a video containing all the above information!

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