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Employer Registration Form Fields
Employer Registration Form Fields

What information should you collect from employers for your upcoming CF+ event?

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Event Hosts regularly ask us what data or information to collect from employers when they register to attend your event.

The real answer is that Career Fair Plus is very flexible and we can accommodate just about any text data you want in your employer profile pages.

Later, you will provide this information to us to launch your event.

Below is a list of the fields that we do require and those that we commonly see, to help you build your event registration forms.

Required Fields

  • Employer ID (only if unique IDs are generated automatically in your registration system. If not, skip this field - please do not manually assign numbers)

  • Employer Name

  • Website Link (we will pull the employer logo from the website provided)

  • Overview/Description

  • ONE Recruiter Email Address (only for virtual events, and in-person events using the CF+ Meetings feature)

  • Day(s) Attending (for multi-day events only)

  • Booth/Table Number (for in-person events only, but we don't need this right away)

Recommended Fields

  • Majors (US) / Disciplines (UK)

  • Degree Levels

  • Position Type (US) / Opportunity Type (UK)

  • Work Authorizations (US) / Visa Requirements (UK)

Experienced Professional Hiring Events

  • Industry/Department

  • Job Titles/Available Positions

  • Location

K-12/Teacher Recruitment Events

  • Certifications

  • Job Titles/Available Positions

  • Location

Where and how do I collect this information?

You can collect this information from employers however you like. Common registration systems used by universities include Handshake and Symplicity (US) or TargetConnect and CareerHub (UK). You could also use any other system that can create a registration form, such as Formsite, Qualtrics, Microsoft Forms, or Google Forms.

Please note, if you would like candidates to be able to filter the employer list at the event by any of the fields above, the responses should be consistent from all employers. For example, "Internship" should not also show up as "Interns" or "Intern" or "interns". Career Fair Plus will interpret those as different value options. Instead, create a pick-list for employers to select from to ensure everyone's responses are formatted the same way.

If you're using a Google Form or exporting the output to an Excel (xlsx, xls or csv) file, here's an example of how your final spreadsheet may look.

We will need this information when it's time to launch your event!

And hey, if you don't want to send us spreadsheet updates all the time, check out our DirectConnect integration!

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