We often get asked what data you should collect from your employers when they register. We will import this information into your event.

The real answer is that Career Fair Plus is very flexible and we can accommodate just about any text data you want.

Here is a list of the fields that we do require and those that we commonly see, to help you build your event registration forms.

Looking for an example of the spreadsheet of data that may result from the registration form? Click here for a sample spreadsheet, and don't forget to check out our article on Data Import Best Practices!

Required Fields

  • Employer ID (only if unique IDs are automated in your registration system)

  • Employer Name

  • Recruiter email address (for events using Meetings)

  • Table number (for in-person events only, but we don't need this right away)

  • Website Link

  • Description/Overview

  • Majors (US) / Disciplines (UK)

  • Degrees

  • Position Type (US) / Opportunity Type (UK)

Other Common Fields

  • Industry¬†

  • Position/Job Titles

  • Work Authorizations/Sponsorship

  • Location

  • Day (for multi-day fairs only)

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