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New Recruiter Onboarding Workflow
New Recruiter Onboarding Workflow

Process to get recruiters onboarded onto our platform

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Onboarding recruiters to our platform is done in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Provide us a single email address of the primary recruiter who registered on behalf of an employer/organization.

You can provide this to us as part of your report with the employer details. See the column titled Registration Email Address in this report for an example.

If you're using Handshake and have DirectConnect enabled, this information is not provided to us as part of that report, and you will need to send us a separate report with this information. We ask that you remove the extra columns and just provide the following:

  • Employer ID

  • Employer Name

  • Registrant Email Address

Step 2: Employer creates schedules and invites colleagues

The recruiter will get an email asking them to login or create an account, similar to below.

Once they do they will see the following:

They can invite their colleagues to the platform, create schedules for themselves or for others, and edit their profile.

  • Video showing recruiters how to create schedules for themselves

  • Video showing recruiters how to create schedules for their colleagues

Step 3: Use our dashboard to check for employers that haven't created schedules

We have released a new dashboard that allows you to filter for employers that haven't joined the platform or created schedules. You can then click Email Employers to get the email addresses for these employers to encourage them to create schedules.

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