As per our Virtual Fair Best Practices, we recommend that you host a 'Career Center Helpdesk' during your virtual fair.

Why might you want to host a Career Center Helpdesk?

There are a couple of reasons why we think this is a good idea:

  • Candidates can drop in to ask your team quick career-related questions

  • Candidates can get advice on resumes, interviews, or virtual fair etiquette

  • Candidates can seek help with technical issues or inform you if they or a recruiter missed a meeting

How can you go about setting this up?

Our recommendation is to use a video platform outside of ours, whether it be Microsoft Teams, Webex, or more commonly, Zoom. This is so that candidates can still reach out to your team for assistance and questions, in case they have technical difficulties accessing our video platform.

Once you've created the room, there are two options for making it accessible to candidates:

You can have your career center/office show up as an 'employer' at the virtual fair, and include a custom field with a link to your helpdesk video platform.

Candidates will then be able to click through to your helpdesk link directly from the employer profile screen. If you do want to use one of our video rooms, please email us at for a link.

If you have DirectConnect set up, you will need to include your office as an employer in your registration system, so it will be imported into the fair. If you already have an administrative account on MyCFP, you will need to enter a different email address when registering as an employer.

Within the 'employer' profile, you will be able to include information or a description.

Here is an example from another university:

  • Visit the Career Center's virtual fair Zoom Room for a quick drop-in session with a career counselor, to ask questions, or to seek help with a technical issue you're not able to resolve.

To increase visibility for the Helpdesk, you can set it up as a Featured Employer, so that it is pulled up to the top of your employer list. If you have other Employers listed as Featured Employers we suggest adding an asterisk or hyphen to your name i.e * University Help Desk or - University Help Desk. This will ensure that your Help Desk appears at the top of the list of Employers.

Option 2

Alternatively, the Survey link on the Event Info page can be repurposed to a 'Helpdesk' option. You can go to Edit Fair Info within your fair dashboard and include a link to your helpdesk under the survey link. You can then let us know what you would like to change that title to, and candidates can access it from the Event Info page, as below.
*Please note that this Survey Link section is only available on the app at the moment. It will not be visible to candidates on the web. For this reason we recommend Option 1.

Whichever option you choose, we also recommend using a scheduled push notification with the link as well so candidates are notified within the app.

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