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Controls for Whereby Video Rooms
Controls for Whereby Video Rooms

This article guides recruiters through the features on our integrated video platform: Whereby.

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The default interaction type for 1-on-1 and group meeting schedules is the 'CF Plus Video Room'. Publishing your schedule automatically creates the video meeting room and it's immediately available within our site.

You must test your video room before your event to confirm to ensure a smooth experience on the day.

You can also familiarize yourself with these features:

Room hosts can also:

Video and Audio

The first time you enter your CF+ Whereby video room your browser prompts you to allow camera and microphone permissions. Allowing these features creates a smoother user experience for you on event day. If you're having trouble, check out Whereby Troubleshooting.

After you allow permissions, you will see a preview screen (second image above), where you can control your microphone, camera, and see what your camera is currently showing.

Virtual Background

The preview screen is also where you can choose a virtual background. To the left of the camera and microphone icons in the center of the screen, there's an icon of a person on a dotted pattern. Click it to choose your virtual background option:

Here's a closer look at the preset available backgrounds:

You can also upload your own image:

If you are already in the video room, you can still set a virtual background by navigating to the "Gear" button in the top right of the video screen.

General Features

The screenshot below is what you see in the video room, compared to the preview screen. The control panel is at the bottom of the screen with quick access to turning your camera on/off, muting/unmuting, sharing your screen, opening the chat, viewing the people in the room, and leaving the room.

Screen Sharing

On the control panel, clicking the "Share" button prompts you to decide:

  1. If you would like to share your WHOLE screen, or just a specific window, application, or browser.

  2. If you have multiple screens or monitors, you can choose which screen or monitor you want to share

Screen sharing is currently only available on computers, and not on mobile.

Recruiters typically use this feature to share presentations, company websites, or documents/materials.

Chat Box

Use the chat box to send relevant links or videos to participants, share contact information, or communicate in case of audio difficulties. Note: you can't attach or share files this way.

The open chat box appears on the right side of your screen.


Picture-in-picture is a useful tool that lets you continue seeing the candidate’s video on your screen while you navigate onto a different page. For example, if you browse LinkedIn while you’re in the video room, the candidate’s video will appear in the corner, as below. This is also helpful when you are sharing your screen.

Host Actions

Candidates Entering Room

Candidates will “knock” when it is time to join their meeting and you'll see a pop-up in the top right corner of the screen. A red circle also appears on the "People" button in the control bar. Click "Let in" to grant access or "See who" to view who's knocking.

Managing Candidate Actions

As the host, you can ask the candidate to turn their microphone or camera on/off and ask them to share their screen by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top right of their camera view. You can also click 'Remove' to remove them from the room.

The CF+ Whereby video room features add flexibility and convenience to virtual recruiting. Whereby troubleshooting is a click away and so is!

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