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Fair Organizer: Adding documents to employer profiles
Fair Organizer: Adding documents to employer profiles

Learn how you can add information or documents to employer profiles at your fair

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Fair Organizers have the ability to edit employer profiles to edit current information or add new documents.

How to edit Employer Profiles

How to view and make general edits to an employer profile:

To find and view the employer profile you wish to edit, navigate to your fair, then from your Fair Dashboard, navigate to the 'Employers' tab.

Here you can search by Employer Name. Once you have found the Employer Profile you wish to edit, click on the name and it will open up the profile. You can then click into any field to make edits.

*Please note that any manual changes must be replicated in an import/data sheet or our imports will override the changes. This is the best way to ensure consistency in future updates.

How to add documents to an Employer Profile?

There are three types of document edits you can make to an Employer Profile: Logo Updates, Video Uploads, and Links to additional information.

Logo Updates

If you have an employer that is either missing a logo or needs an updated logo, you are able to make that change with a file for the new logo. Please see this article on logo uploads for more information on those.

Video Uploads

If you have an employer who would like to have an embedded video added to their profile on the app, please send them this form: Add a Video To Your Profile in Career Fair Plus. We are only able to upload videos as .mp4 file types, we cannot upload URL links to videos.
*Please note that this feature may depend on your plan. If you are on our Essentials plan, this feature is not available.

If there is anything else employers would like to upload or 'attach' to an Employer Profile, it will need to be in the form of a clickable link. We can set up additional fields to the profiles upon request for any additional links. Once added, these fields can be edited like any others.
Some Fair Organizers have utilized this for PDF links, website links directly to job postings, YouTube or Vimeo videos, and more.

Please reach out to us at to request a new field or if you have additional questions.


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