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Description of Candidate Profile Fields
Description of Candidate Profile Fields

List of options for each candidate profile field

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Below is a list of each Candidate Profile Field, a description and what options are listed in the drop down menu for each. If you are looking for information on how to edit these as an event host, check out or article on that topic here.

US Specific Fields

These fields are primarily meant to be used by US academic institutions.


This field describes the major the candidate has completed or in the process of completing


This field describes the major or minor the candidate has completed or in the process of completing.

Degree Level

This field describes the level of degree the candidate has completed or in the process of completing. The list options include:

  • Professional Certificate

  • Associate’s

  • Bachelor’s

  • Master’s

  • Doctoral

  • Postdoctoral

School Year

This field determines the year of study the candidate is currently in. The options included are:

  • Freshman

  • Sophomore

  • Junior

  • Senior

  • Master’s

  • Doctorate

  • Postdoctoral Studies

  • Alumni

Position Type

This field indicates the type of position the candidate is interested in. The options included are:

  • Co-op

  • Internship

  • Full-time

  • Part-time

  • Experiential Learning

  • Fellowship

  • On-Campus Student Employment

  • Volunteer

  • Graduate Assistant

Work Authorization

This field indicates the candidate's work authorization status:

  • Authorized to work in the United States

  • Will need immediate sponsorship

  • Work Visa that will require future sponsorship (eg., OPT, CPT, J1, etc.)

Work-Study Eligible

This option allows you to offer work study eligible candidates for employers. The eligibility depends upon the candidate's financial need calculated from their Federal Aid Application.

The options include

  • On campus, Work-study eligible

  • On campus, Non Work-study

  • On campus, Graduate Assistant

  • Off campus, Part-time

UK/Irish Specific Fields

These fields are primarily meant to be used by academic institutions in the UK or Ireland.

Year of Study

This field is used to determine what year the candidate is currently in:

  • Contract Research Staff

  • Graduate

  • Postgraduate Research

  • Postgraduate Taught

  • Undergraduate Final Year

  • Undergraduate First Year

Opportunity Type

This option describes the type of opportunity the candidate is looking for with the employer:

  • Graduate

  • Part - Time

  • Placement

  • Internships and Vacation Schemes

  • Postgraduate Courses and Scholarships

  • Employer Events

  • Vacation Work

  • Volunteer

Visa Requirements

This field is used for candidates applying for positions within the UK requiring a visa:

  • No Visa Required

  • Tier 1

  • Tier 2

  • Tier 4

  • Tier 5

Vocational Fields

What is the status of your license?

This field is intended for candidates holding licenses/certifications for particular roles/professions.

  • Current

  • Pending

  • Expired

Other Fields

Are you currently living outside the country?

This field is intended to help differentiate between local and international candidates.

  • Yes

  • No

Military Status

This field lets candidates specify their military status, if any.

  • Active

  • Veteran

  • Spouse

  • Disabled Veteran

Student ID

This field is only visible to you as the event host and will not be visible to recruiters.

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