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Recruiter Guide to Schedule Management
Recruiter Guide to Schedule Management

This article will explain meetings and time slots as well as how to join on the day of the fair

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About Meetings and Time Slots

Now that you've created your schedule(s), you may want to know what to look out for in the time leading up to the fair and during the fair. The main way to keep tabs on your schedule is to check your Meetings.

You can see how many candidates have booked a meeting from your schedules page, but to see the profiles of candidates as well as when they have booked, you will need to click into the schedule. In the view below, you will be able to see each specific candidate that has booked on a timeslot. You can also click on the candidate names to view more information about this candidate. This page will automatically refresh with any new candidate bookings, so no need to constantly refresh!

Common Questions about Meetings and Time Slots

How do I block off times on my schedule so candidates can't make a reservation?
When viewing your schedule, click 'Schedule Options' from the right hand side, and then select Edit Time Slots. From there, you will see the time slots and can choose to block off certain times, by moving the slider under the column titled Blocked for that row. Add a reason in the text box, and don't forget to click save (video).

How do I view the resumes/CVs of candidates that have booked meetings on my schedule?

From the Schedules page, click on the schedule you wish to see. You will then see the full schedule, including meetings booked, open time slots and blocked time slots. Simply click on the candidate name to view details of the meeting, including the profile and resume/CV of the candidate (video).

How do I transfer a candidate's meeting to my colleague?

You can move a candidate's time slot to a colleague's schedule, as long as they have that same time slot open on their schedule. Additionally, the new time slot cannot be a shorter duration. When you're ready to transfer, navigate to your schedule, then to the list of time slots. Click on the time slot with the candidate to view further details for the candidate. You will see the "move candidate" option in the top right.

โ€‹How do I cancel a candidate reservation on a schedule?
You cannot cancel candidate reservations on schedules. If you wish to make certain timeslots unavailable for bookings, you must do it while they are unbooked.

If, for any reason, you really need to cancel a reservation, please reach out to your fair organizer to request this. Please note, that if your fair organizer cancels the reservation, this action cannot be undone.

Joining Meetings

How do I view my reservations and join my meetings on the day of the fair?

To view your meetings and join the room on the day of the fair, log on to From there, click on your schedule. On the next page you can join the meeting or view the candidates who have booked time slots. This video will walk you through how to join and use your video meeting room on the day of the fair. If you have not already, check out our article on recruiter instructions for more detailed steps leading up to the fair.

Will the meetings end automatically?

The meetings will not end automatically. The room link will be the same for the whole schedule. You can stay in the room the whole time and candidates will 'knock' at their designated time. You will have controls to let them in, place them 'on hold', and/or remove them from the room. We do recommend keeping a check of the time during the meeting.

Exporting my schedule

How do I download the reservations on my schedule?

From your Schedule page, click on Download Meetings in the top right corner. This will download an Excel file of your meetings along with links to view candidate resumes (video).

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