You've been invited to a schedule on Career Fair Plus! This is a platform to host Virtual Career Fairs. Please see below for instructions on how to get up and running.

If you run into any technical issues, please email
If you have logistical questions, please contact the fair organizer.

A. Prior to the Fair/Event

  1. You should have received an email invitation to create a profile on our platform. Please ensure * is an allowed domain for you to receive emails from. If you do not receive it, please also check your spam. You can reach back out to your employer representative or fair organizer to email you your link.
  2. Click on the link in your invitation to set up your profile.
  3. Modify and customize the timings of your schedule to suit your preferences, before the scheduling window opens to candidates.
  4. Monitor your schedule once the scheduling window opens to keep track of candidates that book times to speak with you.


For Schedules using Career Fair Plus's in-built Video Meeting Rooms

If you are the Assigned Recruiter in a schedule utilizing our integrated video rooms, please click on 'Join Meeting' from your schedule page to test that you can enter the video platform for meetings.

For Schedules without Career Fair Plus's in-built Video Meeting Rooms

Ensure your schedules show the correct interaction type, whether it's a phone call or an external link (Zoom, Skype, etc). You can include instructions for students about how they can expect to interact with you. This information can be updated or edited from your Schedule Management page.

B. Day Before Fair/Event:

Complete these 3 quick steps to ensure you're all set up for maximum success before the fair!

  1. Go to to login to your account and view your meetings
  2. Feel free to browse the profiles and resumes of the candidates that have scheduled times to meet with you
  3. If you want to block off any times that are still available, to avoid them being booked before the scheduling window closes, you can do this by clicking on 'Manage Schedule' and then 'Edit Time Slots' to block off any open time slots

C. Day of the Fair/Event:

  1. Once the scheduling window has closed, your schedule for meetings should not change. You can click Download Meetings if you wish to export your meetings/appointments to an excel spreadsheet
  2. If your schedule is utilizing our in-built video meeting rooms, simply click the link to join your video room, sit back and wait for candidates to enter for their meetings
  3. If your schedule is not utilizing our in-built video meeting rooms, you will connect with your candidates via the interaction type given on the schedule, for example through an external video platform, or by calling the candidate on their mobile
  4. If you chose to download the Career Fair Plus app, you can use it alongside the desktop version to mark students as no-shows, and add private notes and/or ratings for your candidates which you can then export at the end of the fair (video). The app also has an integrated timer to help you stay on track.

Don't forget, you can contact if you have any other questions or issues!

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