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Video Platform Troubleshooting Guide
Video Platform Troubleshooting Guide

See this guide for all of your Whereby troubleshooting answers

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Our integrated video platform Whereby is reliant on web-based connections, so it can be subject to network or system blocks that prevent it from functioning correctly.

As a result, we strongly recommend testing your video before the fair.

If you experience any troubles with your Whereby video room, please see the troubleshooting steps below.

System Checks

Try a Different Browser

  1. Check your browser - are you on Google Chrome or Firefox?

  2. Do you have browser extensions or ad blockers?

Our system works best on Chrome and Firefox. If you are not already on one of these browsers, try joining the room from one of these instead. If you are on one of the above, give it another go in a private browsing window like Chrome Incognito Mode. This will bypass any potential blocks you may have on the browser level.

Try On a Different Device

  1. Are you on a VPN or Firewall?

  2. Are you on a protected Network?

Strong VPNs or Firewalls may prevent access to the Whereby video rooms. To alleviate this issue, try disconnecting your VPN or Firewall and retry joining. If that does not work or it is not an option, try on a different device, like a personal laptop. We have a mobile app for tablets and smartphones as well! Search for "Career Fair Plus'' in your mobile app store to download.

Larger Network Issues

Contact your IT Department

If you’re experiencing issues and none of the above options are available, or they did not work, it will be best to contact your IT department. They may be able to unblock the necessary ports for Whereby to work within your firewall.

More specifically, we recommend you contact them with these options:

  • Opening port 443 for outgoing traffic for both TCP and UDP.

  • Additionally, outgoing traffic should preferably be direct and not sent through a proxy.

Change the Interaction Type

The last option will be to change the interaction type for your schedule and/or wider team’s group of schedules. Recruiters have the option to use a video interaction type of their choice. Instead of choosing the default “CF Plus Video Room” (Whereby), the schedule interaction can be switched to “External Link”, which could be Zoom, Teams, Skype, Webex, or any other video platform of your choice. From there, recruiters should paste their own video links into the schedule’s Additional Instructions for candidates to see when they book. See this article for more details on how to edit the Interaction Type.

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