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All About Event Analytics - Part 1: Analytics
All About Event Analytics - Part 1: Analytics

Curious to see what all those numbers mean? Take a look at this article to learn more.

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Do you want to make sure you're on track for your upcoming event? Or perhaps you have wrapped up your event and you want to see how it went? Our goal is to provide you with all the tools to host engaging and successful career events, and this article will help explain some of those tools.

The analytics for your career fair or event are majorly broken up into two different tabs on your event page: the Analytics tab and the Meetings tab. See below for a further breakdown of the Analytics tab and this article for the Meetings tab.

The Analytics Tab

On this tab, you will see a breakdown of how many people are visiting or taking a look at your fair and how different features are influencing those users' actions. One important note is these analytics are typically delayed by 24 hours, as they only update once a day.

For each subsection on this page, you can filter your view by either students/candidates or recruiters, though the page will default to candidates. You can also export these statistics into a "Printer Friendly" view or into a spreadsheet for more advanced analysis.

See below for a further breakdown of each section:

Users By Day

This will show at the very top of your analytics page and shows how many unique users by day have opened and viewed your fair across all platforms.

Users By Operating System

This shows the users who have viewed your fair, broken down by what platform they accessed it on. iOS and Android are mobile app users.

Company Details By Day

This shows the number of users that have clicked to view the company details page. Additionally, it shows how many companies the average user views.

Favorites By Day

This shows the total number of users that have favorited a company. Moreover, it tells you the average number of companies that users favorite.

Company Details Viewed

This box shows how many times a company's details (their employer profile) has been viewed. It can be sorted alphabetically or by views by clicking in the respective column headers.

Favorite Companies

These are the most favorited companies by users. Comparing this one with the above will show you which companies attract attention and then which actually keep that interest (favorites list).

Screen Views

This shows which pages of your career fairs are most viewed, from highest to lowest.

Websites Visited

This box shows how many websites from the app have been visited per employer, also from highest to lowest.

Banner Ad Impressions

This shows specifically the number of times a banner came into view. An impression is counted each time a candidate scrolls by it.

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