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What are Breakout Groups?

Breakout Groups are a part of our Group Meetings functionality. They allow the user to set up 2 or more "breakout" or smaller rooms within 1 group meeting room. The host can then assign others into the rooms to create smaller groups.

Please note: this feature is only available with the CF Plus Video Room (Whereby).


Below are some popular uses for Breakout Groups:

  • Networking Sessions

  • Group Interviews

  • In Crowded Group Meetings

  • Side Conversations

  • …and More!

Setting Up Breakout Groups

To start Breakout Groups, hover over the 'People' icon on the bottom toolbar and click on the 'Breakout Groups' option.

Once you do so, a sidebar will pop up with some configuration options, including setting the number of Breakout Groups, editing the names, and assigning candidates to each room.

The blue circle below indicates where to determine the number of Breakout Groups. The red indicates where you can drag and drop different users to assign them to various rooms. Click on a Breakout Group name to edit it.

Click on "Start breakout session" to finish creating the Breakout Groups.

Using Breakout Groups


Once you have started, you will be moved into the group room you've assigned yourself to, if applicable. The screen should look like below:

The candidate(s) you have assigned will need to accept a pop-up on their screen to move into the room.


When messaging, the default will be to message only with those in your group. If you'd like to send a message to everyone, check the box that says "Broadcast to all groups".

Ending a Breakout Group

When you are ready to end the Breakout Groups, hover over the People icon once more and select "End breakout session" to end all Breakout Groups.

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