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Setting Up Interview Day Schedules as a Recruiter
Setting Up Interview Day Schedules as a Recruiter

This article will discuss how a recruiter can set up an Interview Day schedule

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What are Interview Day Schedules?

The fair you are participating in may have set up an additional "Interview Day" portion, typically after the main event. This Interview Day is designated for interviewing previously identified candidates.

Interview Day schedules are designed to facilitate these post-fair day connections by limiting who can book a meeting based on a list of candidate email addresses provided by you.

Quick Steps to Set Up a Interview Day Schedule:

  1. Create an Invite Only schedule

  2. Add candidates to the schedule by email address (after schedule has been created)

  3. Copy the invitation link for the schedule.

  4. Email candidates the invitation link asking them to book an appointment.

How do I set up an Interview Day Schedule?

Setting up an Interview Day Schedule starts the same way as a regular schedule. Be aware that the hosts for your event may have a separate fair for the next-day interviews. If this is the case, you will first need to select the Interview Day Fair from your My Fairs page.

Once you have selected the correct fair you are brought to your schedules page. Click on "Create My Schedule" at the top, or "Create Someone Else's Schedule" if you are creating a schedule for a colleague.

The next step will be to set the toggle for an invite-required schedule. You will see this option on the Schedule Type page:

When ready, hit "Next", and continue with the schedule creation as you would for a typical schedule. Be sure to select the correct date for the schedule - especially if the Interview Day is not set up as a separate event.

When you're happy with the settings for your schedule, click to the final step then hit "Publish".

Your schedule will now show on your Schedules List, denoted by a padlock next to the schedule name:

Adding the Invitee List

Once you know who you would like to interview, you can add them to the invitee list. Note: Candidates will not be able to book on this schedule prior to you doing this!

To add the invitees, click on your Interview Day Schedule. This will bring up the Schedule Details page. From there, click on "Schedule Options" and then on "Manage Invitees".

On the next page, you will see the options to add invitees by email address. Type the invitee's email in the box labeled "Email Addresses". You can add multiple invitees at once using a comma separated list, as below:

When you are ready, click on "ADD TO ALLOW LIST". The emails will then populate in the bottom box.

Be sure to hit "SAVE" in the bottom right to save your additions. The save button will turn grey when there are no changes to save.

Inviting Candidates

While the Invitee List establishes who is able to book on the schedule, the candidates will not receive a notification that they have been invited.

You must email the candidates separately to invite them to the interview schedule. Share the schedule link with them so they know exactly where to book. You can grab the Schedule Invitation Link from the bottom of the "Manage Invitee List" page.

Making Updates to the List

Adding more candidates to the invitee list

You can add new candidate emails in the same way as the first ones. Navigate to the "Manage Invitee List" and add new email addresses to the list.

Removing candidates from the invitee list

To remove existing invitees, check the box to the left of the email(s) you would like to remove, and click the "Remove" button at the top which should be highlighted in red. As always, be sure to hit "SAVE" in the bottom right.

While you may remove candidates from your invitee list at any time, please note that if they have already booked a meeting, their meeting will not be deleted.

Is there a limit to how many invitees I can add?

While there isn't a limit to how many invitees you can add per schedule, do keep in mind the number of available time slots on your schedule. Be careful not to invite more invitees than there are spots on the schedule.

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