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Showcasing Employers
Showcasing Employers

This article explains how Featured Employers, Banner Ads, and Employer Videos showcase employers in Career Fair Plus.

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Career Fair Plus (CF+) customers have multiple opportunities to highlight their employers in the CF+ platform:

Event hosts can choose one, combine two, or implement all three options for employers at no additional cost to event hosts.

Sponsor/Featured Employer

Enabling this feature is simple and brings added attention to the designated employers:

  1. Login to MyCFP

  2. From the list of "Upcoming Fairs", click the blue "Companies" button for the fair you wish to manage, to display the list of participating employers

  3. Check the “Featured Employer” box to the far right of the company name

  4. Click the red “SAVE CHANGES” button in the upper right corner of the screen

This can also be included in your event registration data report by adding a column titled Sponsor/Featured and including either TRUE or an X for any employer that is a Sponsor/Featured Employer and leaving the field blank for anyone that is not.

There are three benefits of designating a company as a “Sponsor/Featured Employer”:

1. Their company logo appears on the mobile app splash screen

When mobile app users load the CF+ app from a cold start (e.g. the app is completely closed and not open in the background), the software randomly displays Sponsors/Featured Employers logos on the first screen (the splash page).

2. Sponsors/Featured Employers move to the top of the list

Each time users view the employer list, they will see a Sponsor/Featured Employer at the top. The software randomly selects one of the designated companies and moves it to the top of the employer list. It displays a different background and a preview of the employer's overview/description.

3. Sponsors/Featured Employers are highlighted in the employer list

As shown below, each Sponsor/Featured Employer displays with a highlighted background and the 'Featured Employer' tag directly above their name on the alphabetized list of companies.

Banner Ads

A Banner Ad is a promotional image provided by the company or the event host on the company’s behalf. Images must be .png files, 414 x 108 pixels. Here's additional helpful information about Banner Ads. Uploading a Banner Ad is very similar to setting the Sponsor/Featured Employer status:

  1. Login to MyCFP

  2. From the list of "Upcoming Fairs", click the blue "Companies" button for the fair you wish to manage, to display the list of participating employers

  3. Click on the appropriate company name to display the “Edit Company” screen

  4. Click the “Show Banner Ad” check box

  5. You will then have the option to enter a HEX code for a custom color background, in case the app needs to show any background to the side of the image. If you do not enter a HEX code, the background defaults to white. (Graphics or communications departments usually have the HEX code)

  6. Upload the image file (must be a .png; 414 x 108 pixels)

  7. Click "Finish" at the bottom right of the Edit Company box

Employer Videos

Embedded videos expand promotional opportunities and attract candidate attention. Videos begin playing automatically when users tap the company’s name from the employer list. Send this video upload form to employers for them to submit their files.

If your employers have questions on best practices for promotional videos, please share this FAQs article!

Push Notification

Push Notifications can be sent during your event to Showcase specific Employers/Participants. As long as candidates have push notifications turned on in their device settings and have most recently clicked on your fair, the push notification will display on their mobile device even if they do not have the application open.

Creating a Push Notification

To set up a push notification, go to your Fair Dashboard, select the Push Notifications tab, and then 'New'.

Once the pop-up window opens, add your information:

You can also select whether you would like the push notification to remain visible in the app as an Announcement. This means users can go back to view the announcement, whereas Push Notifications disappear after being viewed.

You can also schedule push notifications in advance, and choose to send them at a later time. If you happen to be in a different time zone for your fair, note that the Push Notification scheduling is tied to your current time zone and not the event's time zone. When you're ready, press Finish. Then press Save Changes in the top right of the fair's page.

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