Career Fair Plus offers fair organizers 2 methods of highlighting employers in the app. The first is Sponsor/Featured Employer and the second is Banner Ads. An employer can be a sponsor/featured employer or have a banner ad or have both. There is no additional cost to fair organizers to use this functionality across all Career Fair Plus plans.

Sponsor/Featured Employer

Career Fair Plus does 3 things for an employer when they are designated as a Sponsor/Featured Employer. A Fair Organizer can designate an employer as a Sponsor/Featured Employer by logging in to, navigating to the fair and employers tab, and checking the Sponsor box next to the appropriate employer's name in the list. Below is what happens to an employer when a fair organizer designates them as a sponsor:

1. Logo on Splash Screen

When Career Fair Plus loads from a cold start (e.g. the app is completely closed and not just in the background), the app will randomly select one employer from the list of Sponsors/Featured Employers and display that employer's logo on the splash screen.

2. Top of the Employer List

Each time the app shows the employer list, it will randomly select one of the employers from the list of Sponsors/Featured Employers and place them at the top of the list with a different background and a slightly larger row that includes some of that employer's overview/description.

3. Highlight in the Employer List

All Sponsors/Featured Employers have a highlighted background color in the list and display a Featured Employer tag directly above their name wherever they fall in the alphabetized Employer List.

The second method fair organizers have to highlight employers is to add a Banner Ad to any employer. A Banner Ad is simply a png image that is 414 by 108 pixels (width by height). A Banner Ad can be an image of anything of the fair organizer or employer's choosing.

More information on Banner Ads and instructions on how to use them can be found in this slide deck, as well as in a fair organizer's admin portal.

To add a Banner Ad to an employer, a fair organizer can log into, navigate to the fair, then the employers tab and then click on the appropriate employer's name in the list. In the employer details dialog, the fair organizer will see an option to upload a Banner Ad for that employer and customize a background color in case the app needs to show a background to the side of the image.

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