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Determining Event Success for In-Person Events
Determining Event Success for In-Person Events

Here are some ways to evaluate success if you didn’t offer the CF+ pre-scheduled Meetings at your in-person event

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Congratulations, the recruiting event you and your team worked hard to produce is over! Participants thanked you for the well-planned program, but you’re wondering if it was successful. This article walks you through a few ways to help answer that question including reviewing goals, assessing analytics, and collecting feedback.

Review your event goals

You likely hosted a specific type of event based on certain goals. So, take a moment to recall those targets and assess your program in that context.

For example, the number of roles filled is a strong measure of success for a hiring event, but not a networking program or open house. Similarly, how many interview invitations employers offered as a result of your event is a solid evaluation metric for a job fair. And a low number of candidates at a small internship fair might reflect a higher attendance percentage than a couple hundred people participating in a general recruiting event. Perhaps a secondary goal was to bring in a certain income from event registrants, or to increase candidate awareness about attending companies.

Different goals require different metrics for success so let’s talk about how to find some of these metrics.

Check your Career Fair Plus (CF+) event analytics

After reviewing your event goals, login into MyCFP to access your fairs list.

Click on the Companies tab to check your Employer list and open your fair dashboard.

Your CF+ dashboard offers several valuable analytics.

For example, if you were targeting a certain number of employers, check the number in parenthesis after the word “Employers.” Did you reach your goal?

Were you looking to host an event with high candidate attendance? Check the number of candidates at the top of the Analytics tab. The charts circled below also break down when and how your candidates were accessing the fair.

To better utilize this tab, check out our detailed Analytics guide that explains it all.

Collect feedback from candidates and recruiters

Beyond numbers and reports, participant input is an excellent way to evaluate program success. And you can easily share a post-event survey with candidates and recruiters by attaching a survey link to your event in CF+.

Here are some potential survey questions as a head-start to forming your own:

  • What did you love about the {Event Name}?

  • What do you think went well?

  • What, if anything, didn't go as expected?

  • What, if anything, would you like us to do differently next time?

  • What, if anything, would you change about this event?

  • What’s your overall satisfaction with the {Event Name} (provide a scale)

  • What were your goals for this event?

  • To what extent did you accomplish these goals? (provide a scale)

  • Is there any one thing or person you’d like to acknowledge?

Learn how to quantify these responses using a Net Promoter Score.

Hopefully this article helps you evaluate your event success!

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