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There’s great information available from the Reports tab. Here’s how to access it and a few suggestions on how to use it.

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Where and what is the Reports tab?

The Reports tab is on your Fair Dashboard, between the Meetings and Events tabs.

The downloadable spreadsheets available here always capture the latest event data specific to the report title. Download a report to view information at a glance or to analyze it for deeper event insights.

What are the different types of Reports?

The image below lists the five options, Candidates, Employers, Meetings, Recruiters, and Schedules. The description under each report lists the data included in the downloadable spreadsheet. Keep reading to discover how to produce a report and potential uses for the information. But feel free to analyze and apply the data as best helps you, don’t restrict yourself to our tips!

Generating a Report

Start by logging in to MyCFP. From your “Upcoming Fairs” list, find the event of interest and click any one of the colored boxes to navigate to your Fair Dashboard. Or, if you’re already signed into MyCFP and looking at your Fair Dashboard screen:

  1. Click “Reports” to access the page shown above

  2. Select the circle next to the report you want to download

  3. The grey "🏃 Fetch My Report" button will turn blue for you to click

This popup window lets you know when your report is ready to view. Keep in mind, download speeds depend on internet connections and how much data is associated with the event for which you're generating the report.

If you don’t see the blue progress bar moving as the report downloads, or the image above, refresh the page and repeat steps two and three.

The Candidates Report

This report covers all candidates with CF+ accounts and details each person’s:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • School Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Resume/CV Download Link

  • LinkedIn URL

  • Profile Image Download Link

  • Number of 1-on-1 Meetings Booked

  • Number of 1-on-1 Meetings Canceled After the Booking Window Closed

  • Number of 1-on-1 Meeting No Shows

  • Number of Group Meetings Booked

  • Profile Field Responses (varies according to your Candidate Profile Field Options)

  • Link to their profile in MyCFP

Now you can parse through all the candidate data as displayed or use Excel's filters to find people meeting specific criteria (e.g., all candidates without a resume, or all candidates that have a no-show marker). Our Post-Fair Actions article suggests more uses for the Candidates Report.

Remember, even if you know of candidates attending your event, their information won’t show up on this report until they create their CF+ account.

The Employers Report

Download this report to see the below data for all registered employers:

  • Employer Name

  • Whether the Employer is Active or Inactive

  • Registration Contact Name

  • Registration Contact Phone

  • Number of Published 1-on-1 Schedules

  • Number of Unpublished 1-on-1 Schedules

  • Number of Published Group Schedules

  • Number of Unpublished Group Schedules

  • Registration Contact Invitation Link (if the contact hasn’t joined CF+ AND the employer does not have another active recruiter)

Generating this report is a convenient way to copy and send invitation links to recruiters who still need to create their CF+ accounts. And while the spreadsheet allows you to filter the above data multiple ways, the flexibility of CF+ software gives you even more options, because you can also quickly read and filter some employer information inside Manage Meetings & Schedules. Click here to see how to do this.

The Meetings Report

Here’s how you view basic candidate information with granular data about the meetings they are booking for your event:

  • Candidate Name

  • Candidate Email

  • Candidate School Email

  • Employer Name

  • Booth Number (if applicable)

  • Schedule Type

  • Interaction Type

  • Schedule Name

  • Recruiter Name

  • Meeting Date & Time

Filter any of these columns to find meetings that match specific criteria. For example, you can find all the meetings using an "External Link" by sorting the “Interaction Type” column then email these candidates to remind them that they should be expecting a separate link in the meeting instructions with that employer.

The Recruiters Report

This is a full list of all recruiters invited to your event and it shows:

  • Recruiter Name

  • Employer Name

  • Recruiter Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Assigned (as a Primary Recruiter on a schedule, displays as “Yes” or blank)

  • Status (in CF+, displays as “Joined" or "Invited")

  • Link to their profile in MyCFP

Use this report during your pre-event Health Checks to track how all the program elements are progressing. For example, discover how many invited recruiters have (and have not) created their CF+ accounts. This status is critical since they have to join CF+ before setting up schedules for candidates to meet with them.

The Schedules Report

Here’s another valuable report which collects data about recruiters’ schedules. The Schedules report also includes:

  • Employer Name

  • Schedule Name

  • Schedule Type

  • Interaction Type

  • Additional Information

    • e.g., the video link for schedules identified as “External Link” in the “Interaction Type” column

  • Schedule's Date & Time

  • Number of Booked Meetings

  • Number of Total Bookable Timeslots

  • Assigned Recruiter's Name

  • Assigned Recruiter's Email

  • Assigned Recruiter's Join Status

  • Whether the Schedule has Prerequisites

  • Whether the Schedule is published

  • The Host Video Room Link

    • only displays if the “Interaction Type” is "CF Plus Video Room"

    • users won't have to knock to enter the video room using this link

  • The Public/Candidate Video Room Link

    • only displays if the “Interaction Type” is "CF Plus Video Room"

    • this link requires users to "knock" to enter the room

  • Link to the Schedule in MyCFP

  • Any Schedule Prerequisites (with a column for each separate prerequisite)

One use of this report is to check if recruiters using external video rooms (instead of the integrated CF+ video platform) added their link in the "Additional Instructions" column. Now you know which recruiters need to add these links to their schedules so candidates can enter the employer’s external video room. You can also copy any of the video room links directly from this downloaded report.

The Schedules report, like the Recruiters report, also displays which invited recruiters still need to join CF+.

These downloadable spreadsheets always display the most current data for the chosen report. So, whether you’re scanning the information or analyzing it in depth, it’s beneficial to review these reports frequently.

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