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Guide: Convert an Event from In-Person to Virtual
Guide: Convert an Event from In-Person to Virtual

If your event changes from in-person to virtual, here’s help with the conversion process

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If fluctuating public health situations or weather force your planned in-person recruiting event online, CF+ is ready! You and your team can quickly change event details in MyCFP for a seamless transition.

Editing your “Fair Information”

  1. Login to MyCFP

  2. Find your event in the list of “Upcoming Fairs”

  3. Click the “EDIT FAIR INFO” button in the upper right corner

  4. The “Fair Information” page displays on the next screen

Updating the information on this page tells your attendees the event is changing from in-person to virtual. Start at the top of the page to

  1. Change the Fair Name to include the word “Virtual”. We recommend adding it at the beginning of the current name

  2. Change the Fair Type from “Physical” to “Virtual with Video” (recommended) by clicking the drop-down list. If your plan doesn’t include our video-hosting platform, you can choose “Virtual (no Video)” or reach out to us.

  3. If you did not enable “Meetings” for your in-person event, scroll down the Fair Information page to “CONFIGURATION OPTIONS.” Click the drop-down menu under the word “Meetings” and select “Enable Meetings”.

    This feature allows 1-on-1 and group schedules during online events. If this feature is new to you, tell so we can help you schedule a training session.

    If you’re one of the many event hosts who enable “Meetings” for their in-person events, you or your recruiters will need to change the interaction type for existing schedules. This article on interaction types has more information.

Scroll down again and click “SAVE” in the bottom right corner.

Congratulations, you just converted your in-person event to virtual in the CF+ platform! Now it’s time to help your employers and their recruiters transition to the online format. You’ll also want to let your candidates know of the change!

Transitioning Recruiters from In-Person to Virtual

  1. Send us recruiters’ email addresses

    If you enabled “Meetings” for your in-person event, you can skip this step. If you did not, we now need to invite recruiters to the CF+ platform so they can create schedules to meet with candidates virtually. Our CF+ team needs a spreadsheet of each registered employer and an email address for their one primary contact. These individuals can invite additional recruiters from their companies.

    If you enabled DirectConnect when you set up your in-person event, please update your registration form to collect Primary Contact Name and Email. Send questions to and we’ll reply with answers.

  2. Notify recruiters your in-person event is moving online

    Make sure recruiters don’t show up at the original physical site for the in-person event! You must also introduce them to our unique “Meetings” feature and share training resources to optimize their virtual experience with CF+.

    You can generate a report of registered recruiters, or a list of their email addresses inside MyCFP to inform them to expect the email invitation mentioned above from Career Fair Plus.

    Remember, if you previously enabled “Meetings'' for your on-site event, recruiters need to change the interaction type on their schedules from in-person to video. You can customize this email template for recruiters setting up schedules for the first time.

Transitioning Candidates from In-Person to Virtual

  1. Inform Candidates of the change

    If you enabled “Meetings” for your in-person event, you will want to notify your candidates that the event and any Meetings they have booked will be transitioning to the virtual space. Let them know that they should be vigilant of changes to the interaction type and check any Additional Instructions from recruiters.

    If you did not enable “Meetings” at your in-person event, you need to let candidates know that recruiters will be creating schedules on the event where candidates should book times to meet with them.

Check out our awesome Virtual Fair Training!

This Virtual Fair Training walks you through online recruiting with CF+ and you can bookmark this page to reference. And as we mentioned above, if it’s your team’s first time hosting an event using “Meetings”, contact us to request a live training session.

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