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Fair Launch Workflow

Need a recap of the fair launch process? We've got you!

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What is Fair Launch?

Put simply, it's the date we "launch" your event. This makes it live in the Career Fair Plus platform.

A few things happen when we launch your event:

  • The fair becomes visible in the system, and you can begin marketing the event to candidates

  • Employer profiles are created in the fair, based on the data provided

If you are hosting an event with the CF+ Meetings feature, and you provide us with recruiter email addresses:

  • then we also send invitations to the registered recruiter for each employer to create their account and set up schedules for the event

Great, what are the steps for Fair Launch?

We'll keep this simple: you set the Fair Launch date, and provide the data (for guidance on collecting that data, click here). Then we take care of the launch.

To set the date:

  1. From your fairs homepage, click the blue "Edit Fair Info" button on the relevant event

  2. Scroll about halfway down the page to "Fair Launch Date" and click the box to open the calendar and choose your date

  3. Make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom and click "Save"!

To provide the data, there are two options:

  • Set up DirectConnect between your registration system and CF+

    • With this option, we pull in any updates to your employer data twice a day

  • Export your data to an Excel spreadsheet (we accept xlsx, xls, or csv files) and send it to or use the blue "Send Data" button on your fair page

    • Send it over 1-2 days before your launch date so we can launch it in time

    • With this option, you must send us updated spreadsheets every time you want us to process changes to employer information

If we don't receive any data from you, we will reach out to you in the days before your selected launch date to check in.

For events using CF+ Meetings...

If Meetings are enabled for your event, your data should include one primary recruiter email address per employer. We typically invite recruiters to the platform as part of the fair launch process. Read through our article on the recruiter invitation process for more information on this.

We recommend sending them a heads-up email in the days before your launch date, just to let them know to expect this email invitation from Career Fair Plus. We have a template available to make this easier for you!

Best Practices

When sending us your data (whether for the first time, or for updates after the Fair Launch), bear the following in mind:

  • The first row in the spreadsheet (the column headings) represent the fields you would like to show within each employer profile.

  • Keep these column headings consistent. For example, if the column for employer names was titled "Company Name" in your first spreadsheet, stick to that in subsequent imports. If you need to change them in the event after your fair launch, just let us know! In other words, please don't edit the spreadsheet.

  • Any fields that you want to be filterable should be comma-separated values, and formatted the same way through that particular column. For example, in the Position Type column, "Intern" should not also show as "Interns" or "Internship", as the Career Fair Plus system will interpret those as different value options.

  • If your update is adding new employers, you must send the full employer list, including employers that are already in the event. If your data does not include existing employers, our system will detect they are missing and remove them.

For any other questions, we have answers! Just email us:

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