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In-Person Fair (without Meetings)
In-Person Fair (without Meetings)

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If you need to transition your in-person event to a virtual event, read our guide.


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Plan your Fair (In-Person, without Meetings)

  • Best Practices for In-Person Fairs - link

  • Showcasing Employers/Sponsorship Options - link

  • Registration Form Fields - link

Set up your Fair (In-Person, without Meetings)

  • Set up DirectConnect - link

Add Content (In-Person, without Meetings)

  • Add Events to your Fair - link

  • Add Announcements - link

  • Integrate Twitter into Announcements - link

  • Add Push Notifications - link

  • Add Tips/Resources - link

  • Add to or Update Employer Profiles (after Fair Launch) - link

Launch your Fair (In-Person, without Meetings)

  • Fair Launch Workflow - link

Market to your Candidates (In-Person, without Meetings)

  • Candidate/Student Success Center - link

  • Marketing Materials - link

  • Marketing eBook (corporate events) - link

  • Promote your event with the Smart Link - link

  • 10 Ideas for App Marketing Best Practices - link

  • Setting up a giveaway/raffle contest in the app - link

Monitor your Fair (In-Person, without Meetings)

  • All about Event Analytics - Part 1 - link

Prepare for your Event (In-Person, without Meetings)

  • Recruiter introduction to our platform (Email Template) - link

  • Floor Plan and Booth Assignments - coming soon

    • Booth Assignment Tool - link

    • Booth Selection by Employers - link

    • Booth Assignment via Data Import - coming soon

  • Add a Candidate Survey/Feedback Form - link

Analyze your Event (In-Person, without Meetings)

  • How to determine Event Success - link

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